Sunday, April 12, 2009

We went on a few different excursions. The streets were lined by these bamboo poles that were decorated. Twice a year for the Hindu's they put these baboo poles in front of their homes for celebration. Some were very elaborate and some were plain.
We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa, with a private pool while in Bali. We had a few spa sessions, went scuba diving,this was Lesa, Yvonne and Igor's first time to scuba dive.Sea walking-which is going underwater with a large helmet on with oxygen pumped in, they gave us a bottle with fish pellets to feed the fish. Lesa and Igor didn't go with us that morning, they were finishing up some homework for their online class.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bali bird and reptile park

we went to a bird and reptile park, where we saw many wild and exotic birds, and reptiles. We were even saw a few kimodo dragons. We were supposed to go to Kimodo Island to see them in the wild, but the plane was being repaired and waiting for parts, so at least we got to see some in captivity.