Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mom and I at Columbus Temple
Eden and a spray mister
Erica and Eden at the Fiesta Days parade
Columbus Ohio
I at the Columbus Temple
The hills of Pennsylvania
Mom and Dad,Sandy, Sue,Rob Tim, Wes and Jeff
6 of us kids-Tim,Sandy,Jeff, Sue,Rob and Wes
Heidi Hemmis
Tim Hemmis
Rob and Jeff Hemmis

It's been awhile

Many things have happened over the past few months. The beginning of April , Andrew and I went to Mongolia to visit Allen and Jill Andersen, serving as mission president before they left in July. we had a great time, even though the temperature was below 0 C. The end of April we attended the wedding of Daniel and Pam Ng in the Salt Lake City Temple. He is our nephew. I also attended the Pro-Stitcher class for my long arm quilting machine. Yvonne came home for a month with us in May, then returned back to Provo to attend summer school. She is currently looking for a job, has an interview on Monday. I flew from Hong Kong to Pennsylvania via SanFrancisco and St. Paul on the 13th of July to see my older brother whom I haven't seen for 23 years. We only got to spend part of one day with him as they arrived later than they anticipated due to a funeral in the family earlier in the week. Most of the time in Pa was spent helping my parents clean up my uncle's house as he had passed away the 9th of June. They have been cleaning since then, and still have a ways to go. I arrived in Utah the 22nd of July and will be here off and on until the 4th of October. Andrew arrives next week and we will take Douglas and his family to California and do Disneyland, San Diego Zoo,etc. We arrive back to Utah for a few days then go to Hawaii with Lesa and Yvonne. Andrew will fly back to work and I will stay here, going to the International Embroidery Conference the end of September and then flying back to Hong Kong, only to hopefully start packing up the house to move. we are only moving house not location!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

new quilts

These are some new quilts I have finished up the past few weeks

beach visitor

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad pollution and we hiked up to 10,000 Buddah's

We learned yesterday, after we were out all day walking around in it, was the worst day ever for the pollution index. I guess all outdoor sports were canceled at the school and they weren't allowed out during their free time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This is another photo of the South China Sea, here we have some fog in the distance, about 10 minutes earlier the sun was really bright, but by the time I got my camera and went outside it was like this. As you can see the sun has changed positions from the main blog picture, by summer it is even more to the right hand side of the photo

A few more quilts I have done over the past few weeks, I am waiting for a part to come, so have not finished any this week.

This is a strip quilt I did from all the leftover strips I cut from the edges of quilt I have done. A lot of little scraps add up, I have a whole bag full of leftover edges. I will probably do some more of these when I have

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I finished some more quilts this week, here they are

Baby, It's cold outside!

This morning the temperature was 8C, which is around 40F for all you state-siders. All are buildings are cement with no insulation. I am lucky enough to have room central heating, but with all the windows in the house,it barely takes the chill off. Yesterday I went to the Jade Market with a couple friends. We also celebrated Chinese New Year. Here are some pictures

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A few quilts,Andrew and I, and my machine

It has been awhile since I blogged, Life has been busy, I have been quilting a lot. To date I have done about 70 quilt since I got my machine in July of 2008. I am looking forward to seeing my kids and grandkids in April when we go back to Utah for my nephew's wedding. Yvonne will be coming back with us for a few weeks to visit and see friends.I will add a few pictures of things going on.