Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, a lot has happened over the past few months. We finally sold our home and moved out after living there for 7 years. It was really sad to pack everything up and move on with our lives. It took the moving company 3 weeks to pack everything up-sad part for me was I broke my toe on a box and couldn't walk for a few days, do I just delegated things from my chair in front of the TV. I was also hard to decide what was staying and what was going to the states into storage. It will be interesting to wee what we have to put in the new place. We are staying in Parkview Suites this month and leave to Utah next Friday. This week will be busy as we try to finish up what we need to do for some renovations to move into Redhill when we get back in August. We are looking forward to being in the states with kids and a new addition to Douglas' family. I have had plenty of time here in Parkview, so I had some fabric and sewed some quilts.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Year!


The past year has been a busy one. We went to the states the end of April stopping in Seattle to visit Lesa and then to Utah for the wedding of our nephew Daniel. I attended an intermediate class for my quilting machine while in Utah, so that was fun and informative. Since Yvonne was finished with her first year at BYU, she returned home with us for a month to spend time in Hong Kong. She decided to return to back to the states and attend summer school. I went back to the states the middle of July and spent some time with my parents and siblings in Pennsylvania. I got to see my older brother whom I haven’t seen for the 23 years that we have been living in Hong Kong. Andrew arrived in Utah the end of July and we went to Disneyland and San Diego with Douglas and family for 10 days, we were back 1 day to do laundry and then went to Maui and Oahu with Lesa and Yvonne for 8 days. Both the girls had just finished their summer school and go a well deserved break from studies. Yvonne had her first adventure of sky diving while there. The boys stated school, Lesa decided to move back to Utah, doing some online classes and Yvonne went back to school as a sophomore. I had my embroidery conference in October where I met up with my 2 friends who previously lived in Hong Kong.

A new year, a new decade, new beginnings! This will be a year of many new things for us. We have started off the year with having all our kids home for Christmas which was wonderful, and fun to have time together as a family. They are all back in Utah and back in school. Douglas-teaching, Lesa is at UVU and Yvonne at BYU.

This week we were able to finally sell our house. We will be boxing up our belongings and shipping a lot of it back to the states for storage, we will find a service apartment for a month, since we will be going to Utah the end of April for the arrival of our 4th grandchild(a girl). I will stay in the states until August and we will find a place to move into when we get back to Hong Kong. I do not look forward to going through everything, but know that it will be good to purge some things!

Andrew still is traveling for work; while he is away I keep busy by quilting, sewing, serving in the temple, still involved as a counselor in Relief Society. I have finished 101 quilts on my quilting machine over the past 2 ½ years. We wish for all of you to have a great year and that all your hopes and dreams come true. We are glad for your friendship and love over the many years. Lpve, Andrew, Sandy and family