Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, a lot has happened over the past few months. We finally sold our home and moved out after living there for 7 years. It was really sad to pack everything up and move on with our lives. It took the moving company 3 weeks to pack everything up-sad part for me was I broke my toe on a box and couldn't walk for a few days, do I just delegated things from my chair in front of the TV. I was also hard to decide what was staying and what was going to the states into storage. It will be interesting to wee what we have to put in the new place. We are staying in Parkview Suites this month and leave to Utah next Friday. This week will be busy as we try to finish up what we need to do for some renovations to move into Redhill when we get back in August. We are looking forward to being in the states with kids and a new addition to Douglas' family. I have had plenty of time here in Parkview, so I had some fabric and sewed some quilts.

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